Barry Burton’s

Privacy Policy.

I am a Cognitive behavioural Therapist (CBT) and Homeopath. I am the manager of my practice and therefore the data Controller and Collector for all information and data collected form my clients.

I decide how your data and information is shared. I ensure your privacy is respected and protected.

This policy sets out how I use and protect any information you may give me.

My website does not collect cookies. If you use my “contact me” on this website page it only uses your e mail address to convert to a Gmail to email to me. Which I will use to get back to you.

I will never share your information with a third party for marketing purposes.

If you have any questions about how your information is stored you can contact me on 07974 120 739.

The Lawful basis for processing your data in line with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation. This is “legitimate interests.”


How information is collected.

Written in sessions and over the phone.

As a CBT therapist and Homeopath I take notes in each session (written only.) These are stored in your file. Which is locked and secure. My notes allow me to fulfil my role as a healer. I use this data in ways you would reasonably expect and which have minimal privacy impact. In an initial phone call to me I may make some notes by way of an invitation for an assessment session.

Face to face

I will ask you for the basics. Demographic information. Name, date of birth and address.

I will ask you to sign a confidentiality waiver so that I may contact a member of your health care network if it is deemed to be in your interest without your permission. You do not have to sign this document and I will need to ask you for written permission if I feel it is necessary to contact a third party regarding your treatment.


By Third parties.

Your insurance company or GP or Psychiatrist may contact me with your details. (You may wish to contact them regarding their GDPR policy). I will never knowingly obtain information about you from any third party without you knowledge or consent.



What Information is collected?

·         Name

·         Contact details

·         Gender / Gender you identify as.

·         Date of birth

·         Insurance details if needed

·         GP name and address.

Sensitive information. “Special category”

·         Ethnic orientation

·         Sexual orientation

·         Sexual behaviour and history

·         Relationship history

·         Religion

·         Physical and mental health history

·         Drug consumption. And Medication.

·         Current physical and mental health symptoms

·         Offences and alleged offences

·         Questionnaire forms that assess levels of symptoms.

I collect only relevant information that enables me to effectively monitor and evaluate your progress through therapy.


What this information is used for. (Never to third parties for marketing purposes)

·         Making referrals.

·         Coordination of your health care when working with other health care professionals.

·         Communicating with you regarding appointment times.

·         Account for my clinical decisions and or responding to complaints and queries from you.


Who your information may be shared with.        

When I share information it complies with The Data Protection act 1998.


Insurance company.

They may contact me wanting details of your treatment. Number of sessions and dates. They will receive the minimum required.


Your referring Psychiatrist

I normally write to them at commencement and finish of treatment as a courtesy.



Three occasions when I may disclose your details without your consent.

1.    When under a Court Order to do so.

2.    Child Protection. If I am concerned about a child’s welfare, i.e. child protection issues.

3.    Risk to self or others. If there is an imminent risk, i.e. an intent to kill.


BABCP standards of conduct, Performance and Ethics.

I must take appropriate action to protect the rights of Vulnerable adults and children if I feel they are at risk. I follow national and local policies in this.






Retention of your information.

I keep your information for a period of seven years from cessation of therapy.

Criteria for this.

1.    You have six years in which to bring a complaint regarding breach of contract breach of trust or negligence.

2.    If someone returns for therapy it is usually within that seven year period.

Over the internet.

I make every effort to protect your information I have received.

1.    You acknowledge that 100% security of information can never be guaranteed over the internet.

2.    You acknowledge that that you share information over the internet at your own risk.



Your individual Rights. (Please refer to the ICO’s (Information Commisioner’s Office) website for further details of your rights.

·         Rights to Access

·         Right to be informed

·         Right to lodge a formal complaint

·         Right to rectification.


By E-mail

When you e mail me and I reply by e mail be aware that no communication on the internet can be 100% guaranteed as safe. If you wish to send me email and password protect it. The password can be emailed separately of by phone.